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1.Select a Report
Click on the report you wish to order.
2.Search for a Horse
Enter the subject horse's name as completely as possible in the provided space and click on the "submit" button.
3.Select a Horse
Select the subject horse from the search results and click on the "order" button. (If you cannot find the subject horse, click on "Next 10".)
4.Order a Report
A separate browser window displaying a confirmation message will appear. To confirm your order, click on the "yes" button, and your order will be completed.
5.See your Report
Your ordered report will appear. If you are finished ordering, close the browser window.
Retrieve Ordered Products
A list of your ordered reports will be displayed. You can view any report as many times as you wish for 48 hours after completion of the report. (You will be charged only once regardless of how many times you view the report.)
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